Return Policy

Please contact me before returning. Some products may just be replaced without return shipment. Return shipping is paid by customer. Any product found defective or incorrect will be replaced or exchanged at Dawn to Dusk Llama’s expense. Contact:

Product Information

All products are assembled by me. Either sewn or built. Materials are purchased from vendors. Colors and materials can vary. Metal hardware is scrutinized by strength and material. All metal rings are welded. Can not guarantee materials are made in USA. Rope can be different color than nylon because of different material (poly rope compared to nylon halters).

Leather products originate from cow hides. The strips are cut from the hide and creased and edged then edge painted, before assembling into halters or leads. Color and texture can vary between different parts of the hides or different hides. I choose to use English bridle hides (U.S.version). The softest and supple of the hide choices.